Creating handmade lash extension fans
Creating Handmade Fans

In this course you will learn how to make your own lash fans which are much lighter than pre-made fans that are on the market.

Crystallizing your handmade lash extension fans
Crystallizing Fans

You will learn how to pro-make your own fans in advance of your client's appointment.

Online lash extension training
Types of Fans

We will go over the different types of fan shapes and fan placements.

Online volume lash extension training for lash artists
Different Lash Looks

We will go over advanced lash mapping used to achieve different lash extension looks.

Online training for lash artists
Lash Retention

You will also learn about lash retention and how to educate your clients so you both see maximum results.

Online lash extension training with tips and tricks
Taping Tricks

Amanda shares her personal taping tricks which help you reach each and every natural lash.

Are you ready to take your lash skills to the next level?

This course will take you to the next level teaching you how to create your own pro-made lash fans to achieve perfect volume lash looks.

MBB Artistry Founder Amanda Messerli

Get personalized coaching from MBB Artistry founder Amanda Messerli

We know lashing can be a very detailed and overwhelming skill to learn. If you would like additional coaching to help you develop your lashing techniques you can add-on coaching sessions with MBB founder, Amanda Messerli.

Visit the coaching page here for more details.